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Captivated by Africa for more than 30 years, Eric has crisscrossed this continent in every way,
with a predilection for Southern Africa. Landed at Ngaoundéré in Cameroon in 1989,
he experiences his upheaval, the starting point of what will become his life engine:
discover, learn and feel this Africa!
And since then, three to four times a year, he packed his bags and escaped ...
In 2008, his passion drives him to take a bush training course in South Africa
to enrich his theoretical and practical knowledge.
Photographer in love with nature, it's in the bush that he flourishes
looking for rare species and atypical clichés. Recently,
his desire for discovery led him to other, cooler regions ...
Hokkaido, Svalbard, Finland, Falkland, Yellowstone in winter
constitute new adventure grounds. Animated by his eternal enthusiasm,
Eric creates in 2015 Let's Go Travel, agency specializes in travel photos
which finally allows him to reconcile and share his double passion: travel and photography.
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