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Languages: French / English
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His practice of photography, he began in 1977, date of purchase of his first Reflex ...
Journalist in a magazine from 1984,
his job as an editor in the railway technique allows him to combine writing and passion for photography
and to follow very large projects such as the construction of TGV lines.
But also to participate in the birth of very large works such as the viaduct of Millau.
Today, as a freelancer, he has more time to devote to photography.
What he likes: strolling under beautiful lights with his camera, whether in Paris where he lives, in Brittany, or in other French regions.
He also takes advantage of distant trips to Quebec, South Africa, Vietnam, Laos to bring back beautiful harvests of images.
Landscapes, portraits, shots that shed light on customs, trades, particular lifestyles.
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