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Born in 1973 · Languages: French / English
Production: Available

Photography, Thierry Vincent practices since childhood.
After fifteen years of career in tourism and communication,
he goes to India to devote himself to his first passion: photography.
He settles there a little more than two years,
during which he travels the big megacities,
then makes several trips to Japan and Australia in particular.
During this period, he starts working with the press
while going back to school
to study writing and filmmaking at the Digital Academy in Bombay.
His short film end of study, "The Dark Room" (2009),
wins two first prizes in Indian festivals.
His work is focused on the human universe
and touches on themes such as the urban world, architecture, work,
vehicles, and consumption habits.
His project ?
Establish a chronicle of his time
and rules that govern the relationship between man, his creations and his environment.
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